Liquidity Ratios Help Good Financial Management

Even if a business has high profitability, it can face short-term financial problems if its funds are locked up in inventories and receivables not realizable for months.

A business has to pay its suppliers, meet current expenses like staff salaries and marketing incidentals, and other immediate obligations continuingly. Any failure to comply these can damage its reputation and creditworthiness, and in extreme cases, even lead to bankruptcy. Liquidity ratios are the business ratios that can reveal the likelihood and causes of any such problems.

What Do Liquidity Ratios Measure?

Liquidity ratios work with cash and near-cash assets (together called “current” assets) of a business on one side, and the immediate payment obligations (current liabilities) on the other side. The near-cash assets mainly include receivables from customers and inventories of finished goods and raw materials. The payment obligations include dues to suppliers, operating and financial expenses that must be paid shortly and maturing installments under long-term debt.

Business abilityLiquidity ratios measure a business’ ability to meet the payment obligations by comparing the cash and near-cash with the payment obligations. If the coverage of the latter by the former is insufficient, it indicates that the business might face difficulties in meeting its immediate financial obligations. This can, in turn, affect the company’s business operations and profitability.

The near-cash assets are not all equal in their nearness to cash. Inventories are farthest from cash (apart from advance payments and such minor items) as they typically become receivables when sold which have to wait a further period before becoming cash. Receivables can also be very far from cash if customers are given several months to pay their dues.

It is thus the speed of converting the different near-cash assets into cash that is important. The cash conversion cycle measures this speed and is used along with liquidity ratios to assess a business’ short-term financial prospects.

We will now look at how the liquidity ratios are computed.

Liquidity Ratio Computations

  • Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities: Current ratio works with all the items that go into a business’ working capital, and gives a quick look at its short-term financial position. Current assets include Cash, Cash equivalents, Marketable securities, Receivables, and Inventories. Current liabilities include Payables, Notes payable, Accrued expenses and taxes, and Accrued installments of term debt).
  • Quick Ratio = Current Assets minus (Inventories + Prepaid expenses + Deferred income taxes + Other illiquid items) / Current Liabilities: Quick ratio excludes the illiquid items from current assets and gives a better view of the business’ ability to meet its maturing liabilities.
  • Cash Ratio = (Cash + Cash equivalents + Marketable Securities) / Current Liabilities: Cash ratio excludes even receivables that can take a long time to be converted into cash. This ratio is typically less than one because some cash can be expected to be generated from receivables and other sources. Holding too much cash is a poor investment of funds because cash does not produce any returns.

We will look at the other key measure of liquidity, cash conversion cycle, in a separate article.

A business can be profitable and yet be unable to meet its immediate payment obligations if it has weak liquidity. Liquidity is measured quickly by dividing current assets by current liabilities giving the current ratio. Current ratio can be misleading if current assets consist of a high proportion of illiquid items. The quick ratio and cash ratio give better measures of liquidity.

How to Travel around when Visiting NYC

If you are taking a trip to NYC, you need to know how to get around this bustling metropolis. There are a number of different transport systems in place to help residents and tourist navigate the city. It is important that you know what your travel options are before you arrive to ensure that you know how to get to everything you want to see.

Taking The Subway

waiting for the train in the subwayThe New York City subway system is a very efficient means of getting around the city, but it can be a bit confusing at first. There are a number of subway stations that have the same name, and the maps can be a bit daunting at first glance. You will also need to know the differences between the express and local trains as well as how to transfer between stations.

There are a number of free apps available that can help you navigate the subway system. It is recommended that you plan in advance which of the subway MetroCards you are going to buy. You should look for a card which is best for the length of your stay in the city.

Taking The Bus

Many people do not realize that New York has a fantastic bus system that you can use. The bus offers you a great above ground view of the city and lets you take in more than the subway does. Buses in New York will accept your MetroCard, but if you are paying by cash, you will need to have exact change. Bus stops in the city are located approximately every two blocks, and there are cross town busses that run along the major streets.

Taking A Taxi

taxis in the bustling New York streetWhen tourists think about transport in New York, the taxi is the first image that comes to mind. The streets of New York are flooded with yellow cabs that you can hail from the street, and the process is identical to what you see in the movies. If you are going to be using a taxi, you should consider using taxi apps which help you get a cab and navigate traffic.

When using a taxi, you need to ensure that they are metered and that the meter is running when you are in the cab. You should also only use taxi’s that have registration information.

Traveling By Bike

There are a growing number of bike lanes in New York, and you can travel the city by bike or get the Central Park bike rental & tour. This is a very economical way of getting around the city, and you will be able to move at your own pace. New York does have a bike share program that you can use, or you could rent a bicycle from a number of different places.

Traveling By Foot

New York is one of the great walking cities of the work, and most of the city is completely flat. This makes it easy to take in the sights while walking around. Most of Manhattan is on a numbered grid, but this will end at Houston Street. This is why you need to have a map if you are going to walk through the city.

Discover How To Deal With An Alzheimer’s Patient

coping with a loved one with AlzheimersIf you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, then you are likely wondering exactly how you can care for your loved one. This disease attacks the brain and causes the brain’s nerve cells to die. This, in turn, causes the individual, over time, to lose their ability to remember and to think clearly. Here are some ideas on how to deal with an Alzheimer’s patient.

Understanding Alzheimer’s

Everyone in home health care St. Louis, MO knows that a person who suffers from this disease will become forgetful over time and eventually they will begin to get easily confused. It can cause them to behave in very odd ways and in a manner that is unlike how they would act before developing the disease. As the illness progresses, their behavior will change significantly, and it will make the job of any caregiver increasingly difficult.

Anyone who is caring for the person will need to try and remember that the changes they exhibit are because of the disease and not the person. This is probably the hardest thing for a close loved one to remember because it may well appear that the individual has become someone different. But it is just the disease that’s attacking the mind.

Degraded Communication Skills

communication adjustments are importantOften, the person with this disease will be talking, but the words that are coming out of their mouth don’t make any sense. They think they’re saying what they intended to, but the person listening can’t make out what they’re talking about. This can be very frustrating for both people.

Because your mental faculties are all together you may become frustrated thinking that they should just say what it is that they want to say but the reality is they can’t. If they could say what they wanted they would but pathways in their brain have been completely broken down, and this means they’re thinking process just isn’t working right.

How To Deal With Communication Problems

Make direct eye contact and call the person you’re speaking to by their name. Make sure that you’re aware of the tone of your voice and how loud that you’re talking and use friendly body language. Make sure that you show the person with Alzheimer’s that you are open to having a conversation with them. As well as words, use other ways of communicating such as by touch or by pointing to help them more quickly understand.

prepare for changes in behaviorUnderstanding The Changes In Personality And Behavior That Come As Part Of Alzheimer’s

Because this disease attacks brain cells causing them to die the brain will naturally lose its ability over time to function properly. This will cause significant changes in a person’s personality, and you will find that they have days that are good and other days that are bad.

How To Handle The Changes In Behavior Of Alzheimer’s Patients

The easiest way is to keep things very simple. If you ask them something, make sure that you stay focused on only one thing at one time. Develop daily routines that they can depend on. Regularly reassure the patient that he or she is perfectly safe and that you’re there for them. Alzheimer’s patients cannot stop the changes that come with this disease, and so the caregiver must give them patience and love.

6 TCM Techniques You Can Try if You’re Afraid of the Needle

Unlike western medicine that aims to treat specific conditions, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that a physical symptom is part of a bigger problem. The Qi (pronounced as “chee”), is a life force energy that flows freely through the meridians to alleviate pain, improve sleep, promote healthy digestion and overall well-being. In a broad sense, it is almost like an invisible force that is present in things you see and cannot see—in the air, on the ground beneath your feet, in your thoughts and emotions—EVERYWHERE.

It is the fluidity of this abstract concept that makes one’s life harmonious, and its manifestations come in the form of Yin (material) and Yang (immaterial). Yang is the kinetic vibration present in a matter that is the yin. As you see in the yin and yang symbol, these forces are married tied together in an endless pursuit of balance and harmony.

So what the role of Qi, yin, and yang in TCM?

Even though these energies seem larger than life, sometimes they get stuck in a rut, and they need human intervention to go back to saving the world. When your PMS is so severe that you are dysfunctional during your red days, it might be a sign that you are not responding well to the changes that your yin and yang are leading you to, thus causing a disharmony in the form of a painful period. TCM practitioners will help you see the bigger picture and treat all physical manifestations through needles, cups, herbs, even smoke.

If you are afraid of the needle, there are other techniques to achieve an abundance of qi in your life:


cupping therapyYou have probably seen Michael Phelps and other American athletes sporting those red splotches in major sports events. These rouge circles are caused by suction cups typically made of glass. To heat the glasses, some practices soak a piece of burning cotton will be placed inside. The cotton will then be removed, and the heated cup will be placed upside down on the skin. The cooling down of the air inside creates a vacuum that pulls soft tissues toward it, increasing the blood flow in the area. The capillaries ruptured by the pressure causes the discoloration, but the whole experience is relaxing. This technique is usually used to treat respiratory problems.


It’s not every day that you intentionally scrape your skin, but when you do, your back thanks you for it. If you think needles are weird enough to use in therapy, this technique makes use of stranger objects such as a ceramic spoon, coin, rock, or animal bone in stimulating blood flow in the body’s acupoints. The smooth object of your choice would repeatedly be stroked on your oiled-up skin from the spine to the direction of the meridians to release toxins and stimulate blood circulation. This method is used to treat chronic pain and fever.

Tui Na Massage

traditional Tui Na massageIf the only Asian massage you know is the Thai massage, you have missed out on the benefits of Tui Na enjoyed by other people for over 2,000 years now. Tui Na makes use of rhythmic compression in the form of pressing, rolling, rubbing, kneading, to name a few. Massage therapists make use of their fingers, hands, and even elbows on acupoints to stimulate blood flow and treat musculoskeletal injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, and bursitis. If you are over chemical based treatments and all their side effects, you can try Tui Na to solve your physical or mental health problem.

Sweating Method

There are various approaches in this technique depending on the patterns of your illness but in general, sweating in Chinese medicine aims to “release the exterior.” Induced perspiration frees the body from pathogens hiding in the interior of the body. For exterior-cold-excess patterns like the common cold, you can release the exterior by eating spicy, warm herbs like ginger, drinking hot water, wrapping yourself in a thick blanket while sleeping, or sitting in the sauna. In exterior-hot-excess patterns, perspiration fights the unneeded warmth with cool herbs like mint or honeysuckle. Other patterns which use either type of herbs are the wind-water pattern such as acute edema and acute nephritis; and exterior type pattern exhibiting chicken pox, measles, and other allergic reactions like hives.


Believe it or not, cannabis is not the only herbs getting lit. Moxibustion burns dried Artemisia vulgaris to warm the blood and reinvigorate the Qi. It is used to relieve menstrual pain, which is also an expertise of acupuncturist Jill Blakeway.

Chinese Herbs

dried Chinese herbsIf there’s anyone who knows alternative medicine, it’s the Chinese. Chinese herbology commonly uses ginger, licorice, bark, and ginseng as an alternative to chemical-based treatments. These natural ingredients are made into teas, capsules, granules, and liquid extracts to suit the preference of patients. However, the effectiveness of this approach is yet to be proven.

While these ancient gems may be considered as quackery in the western world, they have treated millions on the other side of the globe for centuries. Limited studies were dedicated to discovering the secrets of these techniques but those that did attest to their effectiveness in treating a range of diseases both in the body and in mind. In the US, TCM practitioners are regulated, and some health care plans even cover the costs of these treatments especially acupuncture.

Online Music Lessons: The Advantages and the Disadvantages

Music is a part of everyday life. Many people wish that they know how to sing better or play various kinds of musical instruments so that they can also create music wherever they go. As such, they usually take up music lessons to learn more about it.

If you are one of the many individuals who are thinking of taking up music lessons, there are two ways to continue. You can either go with a traditional classroom setting or go online, like this site that teaches violin lessons in NYC. You might be leaning toward the latter. Before you proceed with your endeavor, you should know, understand, and weigh down the advantages and disadvantages of online music lessons.

learning music lessons online

The Advantages

1. Ease of access

Nowadays, almost everyone can connect to the Internet. There are Internet connection hotspots almost everywhere. In this case, you can learn music virtually anywhere as long as you have the Internet connection. Whether it is within the comforts of your home or at a coffee shop, you do not have to worry about learning the topic.

2. Convenience

Imagine how convenient it would be for you to just stay at home and learn at the same time. You do not have to worry about traveling to a particular place so as not to miss any music session. You do not have to spend money for transportation or fuel. You do not even have to put your shoes on.

3. Flexibility

If there is a need for you to reschedule your lessons, you can easily do so. All you have to do is click on some buttons on the website, and everything will be taken care of. One cannot do this in a traditional classroom setting. In most cases, you will have to go several departments and talk to several people just to get your classes rescheduled.

4. Availability of many teachers

Many teachers are also available to teach music lessons online. If you cannot find a music teacher in your community, then, you can just search the Internet for someone to show you online. In this case, you are not limited to teachers within your geographic location.

5. Recording feature

With online music lessons, you can record everything online. As such, in case you forget some things that you just learned, you can reload the files and play them again. Writing notes can also be a good idea but it will be hard to write down something while you are playing an instrument.

The Disadvantages

1. Broadband requirements

If you do not have an Internet connection, then, you cannot start your music lessons. Aside from that, online lessons often need fast broadband connections, so you will have to take that into consideration, as well.

2. Absence of physical interaction

Since you and the teacher are only interacting online, he will not really be able to guide you physically as to what the proper form of your whole body should be when playing a certain instrument. It will be difficult to teach form and physical style online.

3. Quality of sound

You and your teacher will be talking and hearing sounds based on the computer. As such, if the built-in microphones of the two computers do not have good quality, the sound that the other person can hear will also be of poor quality. As such, your music teacher will have difficulty hearing the sound correctly. This can make sound evaluation tough, especially if you are taking up singing lessons.

music distance education

Truly, the Internet, in general, offers convenience to people. However, with online music classes, you need to weigh down the advantages and disadvantages to determine whether they are the best ones for you to learn music.

One Reason Why You Should Stop Working Out at Home Right Now

So, you built your gym in your garage complete with treadmill, hand bars, weights, and benches. You even set up a digital alarm so you can efficiently time your workouts. You plastered motivational messages on your walls. And afraid that your kids might accidentally get in your gym, you placed a safety lock on all your equipment.

home gym or gym membership

It sounds about perfect, right?

But there is one important thing that people fail to consider when deciding to work out at home. It is not just about the equipment or even a Dallas gym personal trainer who could help you achieve your fitness goals. It is not just about circulation. It is not just about the flexibility either.

Before we get into the answer, setting up a home gym is not bad at all.

Here are the benefits of working out at home:

1. You do not have to travel

Going to your gym, especially when you have to commute, can naturally tire you out and can eventually lead you to lose your fitness motivation. Time, energy and money wasted just to get to your gym are all physical and mental drainers; and it is a lot to lose when you decide to quit in the middle of an already purchased annual membership.

Having a gym at home, however, cuts out the commute. Choosing to work out can be as easy as throwing out your bedroom clothes, putting in your exercise clothes, and walking out of your room door. You do not even have to prim yourself up. You can wear whatever you like, no matter how mismatched it is.

2. You can enjoy all equipment with no time limits

The worst thing about membership gyms is that you cannot just decide and jump into using any device that you like whenever you want to use it. You must wait for your turn, especially on “highly bookable” equipment such as the treadmill. Sometimes, previous users do not even have the courtesy of wiping off their sweat on the equipment. You then end up with a smelly treadmill that you have no choice but to endure until you finish your workout.

At home, you have the full liberty to use all your equipment without having to wait and sucking up on others’ lack of courtesy. You can do your workout seamlessly, without being restricted by time limits and availability.

3. You do not have to bring a lot of stuff

In gym clubs, it is but right for you to shower and change after your workout. However, it can be tiring having to pack a full bag of fresh clothes and toiletries every single time you go to the gym. You have to pack your wet clothes, shower, use your dry clothes, head home, then unpack your used clothes and shoes. This pack-unpack is a routine that can be especially draining when you must head to work right after the gym.

At home, you get all the luxury and convenience of using your shower and picking clothes from your cabinet. No more packing and unpacking that needs to be done. Just pure and straightforward: exercise, throw in the hamper for weekend laundry, and shower.

Now that you have all the right reasons why working out at home can also be beneficial. But, what is that one thing that will make you want to start going to a membership gym instead?

If you work out alone, you fail miserably in succeeding because of this: you miss out on “spotting.”

What is spotting? It is when a professional looks out for bad habits that you incur during your workout. Spotting is important because it lets you drive out bad habits, and allows you to grow by changing those bad habits. Without a spotter, you do not get to reap the full benefits of working out.

Many people who work out at home fail to see this missed potential, and they end up questioning themselves as to why they are not improving enough.

So, do you still want to work out at home, or would you rather develop and have someone “spot” for you?

Tips for Enrolling Your Child in School

As a parent, you understand how important it is that you will find the right educational setting which you can expose your child to. You want him to be learned knowledgeable, and you know how crucial it is that you choose the right school to achieve this. This is why such a decision needs time for you to review your choices, find out what your child really needs, and you get him enrolled to a place that will truly be a great fit.

choosing an elementary school fit for your child

Choosing the Right Fit

There are certain things that you will need to consider if you want to be sure that the school you will end up sending your child to is going to be a genuinely good fit. For instance, you ought to start with determining what it is that your child would want to learn. Consider the specific subject matter that he is interested in along with the level of difficulty too to help you choose.

It helps when you are aware of the learning style that you think is going to work best for your kid too. You will need to take into account his social needs- which has something to do with his interactions with his peers. Then, there are other practical matters too such as extracurricular activities and scheduling that should be taken into account.

Consider the Focus

You will find that there are schools that offer a much-varied range of study when compared to others. It is very important that you will be able to get your child exposed to the right focus while he is younger. For instance, some parents would prefer if their kids will learn a second language while they are still in their primary years. Some parents want their children to get a background on the arts. So, it matters that you will also find a school that offers all that you need for your child.

Check their Scores

While it is true that test scores are not going to be everything, it does not hurt to check how well these schools have fared so far. You will want to see how effective they have been academically and test scores are always one of the many telling factors that can indicate if they are or not. Check the ratings of the local schools where you are as well. If you are looking for a high school for your child, then checking the success rates of their graduates as far as the professional fields and college go will be a good idea.

Have a Checklist

It does not hurt to have a checklist of what it is that you need and require from these schools. Having a list makes it easier to determine whether a particular place will be a good fit or not. Among the things that you need to add to the list would be great staff and teachers, high expectations, good curriculum, well-performing children, and a welcoming atmosphere where parent’s questions are entertained and addressed are just among the things that you should have on your checklist.

Pay the Place a Visit

The moment that you find an institution that seems to be a good fit for your child, you will want to pay it a visit. You want to see with your own eyes if what you have been heard about the place is true. Meet the faculty and meet the staff, or even see if their school nurses get a job done. See the classrooms. They should allow you to see the principal and talk to the staff too to give you a better idea how it is like on campus to ensure that you will not be left guessing as far as what academic life is going to be like here.

Ask a Lot of Questions

This is an excellent chance for you to get to know the place and how good a fit it would be for your child. It helps when you will have all your questions be prepared ahead of time to make sure that you will not overlook on some crucial points that you would want to discuss with these people. This way, you will leave the place feeling satisfied that you have known all it is for you to know about the school.

It is Possible to Eat Healthy While Traveling

It is summer time, and it’s that time of the year when your kids have the longest vacation, and promo deals abound for your must-see places. You just can’t wait to pack your bags and go!

But traveling, while fun, can pose challenges if you want to eat healthily. Several factors affect this including constraints in convenience, time, language difference, accessibility, and safety.

packing healthy food while on travel

Because of these challenges, you are often faced with the choice of fast food, roadside gas stop restaurants, convenience stores, or vending machines. Often, these stores carry food and snacks that are full of preservatives so they can last long. Preservatives and additives, as we all know, are bad for anyone’s health. Do not forget to include your vitamin & supplement packs to get daily recommended nutrients.

So how do you get to eat healthy while traveling? Is it possible to stick to your fish-and-salad diet? Or, do you have to do the inevitable and eat “local” even if that means going for food that is out of your chosen diet?

Here are some tips for a healthy, happy and guilt-free travel for you and your family:

  1. Prepare a list

You can list down food that you can and cannot eat. Especially for allergy issues, developing a list is important, so it will be easier to travel around, especially when traveling in a foreign country. When traveling in an area with a different lingua franca, be sure to write down the list in your language, in the translated language, and in the target language’s alphabet if applicable. This way it is easier for you to visit restaurants and to buy from markets.

Make sure also that you have your list always in tow, and it will be better if you have it laminated to protect it from water spills and other incidentals.

Having a list is so much better than just relying on an online translator. A popular app is Google Translate. While this is great, it proves unreliable for many reasons. You might get a drained battery, a weak internet, or an incorrect translation.

  1. Stick to your eating routine

When traveling, you might have to adjust your mealtimes, but one thing should remain: you should stick to your preferences; and eat because you want to, not because you are forced to do so. Traveling does not mean you must give up a part of yourself just to “act locally.” “Acting local” does not make sense when you end up with an upset stomach on the first day of your vacation. It is important to respect cultural differences, but it is also in your culture to respect your preferences and choices. Respect goes both ways. You can show your respect for your host country’s culture in other means, not just through food.

  1. Pre-pack snacks that can help you tide over

Although real meals are always recommended, it can be helpful if you have snacks in tow for when you inevitably must run through incidentals such as a delayed train, or a missed flight. There are a lot of uncertainties when traveling, but one thing that is certain is that you will eventually get hungry and thirsty. So, you must be prepared when you get to that point.

For sure there are food kiosks in the airport and train stations, but have you seen how expensive food and snacks are in those places? You might want to avoid those traps altogether.

Traveling should be an exciting way to learn beyond the comforts of your home. It should be a fun way to explore the world. However, it should not deter you from making those great memories. Prepare a list, stick to your eating routine, and pre-pack snacks. Through these tips, you will get the best out of your travel– without the stomach bug when you get home.

Is Learning SEO Easy?

Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated to SEO, has changed throughout the years. There are old strategies that were scrapped and new strategies that are being promoted. Most of the modern strategies are more efficient. Through the SEO efforts that business owners put into their marketing strategy, they can enjoy a cost-efficient way of letting other people know of their business.

SEO is certainly necessary for websites. However, a lot of business owners still shy away from the task because they think that it is a very difficult job. They understand that this task is time-intensive and require a significant amount of attention.

While it may be true that the task requires a person to put in effort and time into ensuring that the SEO strategy works and make adjustments as deemed necessary, it is not that difficult that people should keep away from it. Even with business owners who are not familiar with the technical sides of web development, they should be able to carry out an SEO strategy that works for their website.

The first thing that the business owners have to do is to carry out proper research. Since the business owner is a beginner at this, it is imperative that he or she learns as much as possible about SEO before venturing into it. That way, the chances of success multiplies. Here are some of the things that a business owner carrying out a New York SEO strategy should take note of:

ON-SITE OPTIMIZATION One should pay attention to how the actual website is optimized for the search engines. To ensure that the site is optimized, first, optimize the body copy all throughout the site. This is a way to allow Google to recognize what your website is all about. The website pages should be in proper order. The important pages should be featured with strong headlines. They should have several pages of compelling content. Use keywords that accurately describe your niche and business. Write naturally. Use tags and meta tags as well.

IMPLEMENT AN ON-GOING BLOGGING STRATEGY Your blogging strategy should include writing at least one blog post a week, with a word count of 1,000 words or more. You can then scale up your blogging goals as you gain more traction. Your blog should address topics that your target audience surely wants to learn about. Any potential questions should be answered with as much details as you can include in the article. Be sure to write factual and entertaining content.

BUILD INBOUND LINKS If you want to build your authority online, it is only a given that you also build a strong online presence. To do that, you have to ensure you drive quality inbound links to your site. It should be relatively easy for anyone to build quality links. Try using external guest blog posts, forum comments, or affiliations within publications. Diversifying the strategy for building inbound links should be a good idea too.

These are just some of the basics that should be mastered by the one in charge of the search engine optimization company in San Diego. However, the true challenges are yet to be revealed. Here are the potential obstacles one can face with SEO.

FINDING THE RIGHT TARGET You will find it difficult to find what keywords to include on the website as well as what blog articles to write. There are many ways for you to overcome the said obstacles. For example, to decide on the keyword, you have to summarize your type of business as simply as you can. You may also ask your customers directly on what they want you to write about.

INVESTING TIME If you have lots of responsibilities to take care of, you will find it a major hurdle to investing time in SEO. You may want to hire an expert or assign another person to your business to shoulder the load.