If you are taking a trip to NYC, you need to know how to get around this bustling metropolis. There are a number of different transport systems in place to help residents and tourist navigate the city. It is important that you know what your travel options are before you arrive to ensure that you know how to get to everything you want to see.

Taking The Subway

waiting for the train in the subwayThe New York City subway system is a very efficient means of getting around the city, but it can be a bit confusing at first. There are a number of subway stations that have the same name, and the maps can be a bit daunting at first glance. You will also need to know the differences between the express and local trains as well as how to transfer between stations.

There are a number of free apps available that can help you navigate the subway system. It is recommended that you plan in advance which of the subway MetroCards you are going to buy. You should look for a card which is best for the length of your stay in the city.

Taking The Bus

Many people do not realize that New York has a fantastic bus system that you can use. The bus offers you a great above ground view of the city and lets you take in more than the subway does. Buses in New York will accept your MetroCard, but if you are paying by cash, you will need to have exact change. Bus stops in the city are located approximately every two blocks, and there are cross town busses that run along the major streets.

Taking A Taxi

taxis in the bustling New York streetWhen tourists think about transport in New York, the taxi is the first image that comes to mind. The streets of New York are flooded with yellow cabs that you can hail from the street, and the process is identical to what you see in the movies. If you are going to be using a taxi, you should consider using taxi apps which help you get a cab and navigate traffic.

When using a taxi, you need to ensure that they are metered and that the meter is running when you are in the cab. You should also only use taxi’s that have registration information.

Traveling By Bike

There are a growing number of bike lanes in New York, and you can travel the city by bike or get the Central Park bike rental & tour. This is a very economical way of getting around the city, and you will be able to move at your own pace. New York does have a bike share program that you can use, or you could rent a bicycle from a number of different places.

Traveling By Foot

New York is one of the great walking cities of the work, and most of the city is completely flat. This makes it easy to take in the sights while walking around. Most of Manhattan is on a numbered grid, but this will end at Houston Street. This is why you need to have a map if you are going to walk through the city.