So, you built your gym in your garage complete with treadmill, hand bars, weights, and benches. You even set up a digital alarm so you can efficiently time your workouts. You plastered motivational messages on your walls. And afraid that your kids might accidentally get in your gym, you placed a safety lock on all your equipment.

home gym or gym membership

It sounds about perfect, right?

But there is one important thing that people fail to consider when deciding to work out at home. It is not just about the equipment or even a Dallas gym personal trainer who could help you achieve your fitness goals. It is not just about circulation. It is not just about the flexibility either.

Before we get into the answer, setting up a home gym is not bad at all.

Here are the benefits of working out at home:

1. You do not have to travel

Going to your gym, especially when you have to commute, can naturally tire you out and can eventually lead you to lose your fitness motivation. Time, energy and money wasted just to get to your gym are all physical and mental drainers; and it is a lot to lose when you decide to quit in the middle of an already purchased annual membership.

Having a gym at home, however, cuts out the commute. Choosing to work out can be as easy as throwing out your bedroom clothes, putting in your exercise clothes, and walking out of your room door. You do not even have to prim yourself up. You can wear whatever you like, no matter how mismatched it is.

2. You can enjoy all equipment with no time limits

The worst thing about membership gyms is that you cannot just decide and jump into using any device that you like whenever you want to use it. You must wait for your turn, especially on “highly bookable” equipment such as the treadmill. Sometimes, previous users do not even have the courtesy of wiping off their sweat on the equipment. You then end up with a smelly treadmill that you have no choice but to endure until you finish your workout.

At home, you have the full liberty to use all your equipment without having to wait and sucking up on others’ lack of courtesy. You can do your workout seamlessly, without being restricted by time limits and availability.

3. You do not have to bring a lot of stuff

In gym clubs, it is but right for you to shower and change after your workout. However, it can be tiring having to pack a full bag of fresh clothes and toiletries every single time you go to the gym. You have to pack your wet clothes, shower, use your dry clothes, head home, then unpack your used clothes and shoes. This pack-unpack is a routine that can be especially draining when you must head to work right after the gym.

At home, you get all the luxury and convenience of using your shower and picking clothes from your cabinet. No more packing and unpacking that needs to be done. Just pure and straightforward: exercise, throw in the hamper for weekend laundry, and shower.

Now that you have all the right reasons why working out at home can also be beneficial. But, what is that one thing that will make you want to start going to a membership gym instead?

If you work out alone, you fail miserably in succeeding because of this: you miss out on “spotting.”

What is spotting? It is when a professional looks out for bad habits that you incur during your workout. Spotting is important because it lets you drive out bad habits, and allows you to grow by changing those bad habits. Without a spotter, you do not get to reap the full benefits of working out.

Many people who work out at home fail to see this missed potential, and they end up questioning themselves as to why they are not improving enough.

So, do you still want to work out at home, or would you rather develop and have someone “spot” for you?